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From Chair Helen Goudge

Hello everyone -

Only a month left of winter so hopefully we will be recovered from our winter ills and looking forward to the rest of 2018 which is going to be a busy and exciting time for Breast Cancer Support. 

Firstly I wish to thank all the women from our North Shore, Waiheke and Eastern suburbs groups for encouraging customers at their local Z petrol stations to support BCS in this year's Good in the Hood.  I think some glamorous women adorned with pink boas were very persuasive!  I am delighted to announce that over $6500 was raised in Auckland and over $1800 in Levin for our sisters the Horowhenua Pink Ladies. Cheques were presented by Z Energy management at special events celebrating the Hoods' goodness.

Part of the much needed and appreciated funds will go towards the advertising tools and collateral we need for our upcoming Membership and Donation drive that we'll be launching early September and throughout October, so 'stand by' for information.     

Secondly our newsletter for our Members, Donors and Sponsors is getting ready to launch in time for Spring daffodils to shine.  We have developed an exciting and informative format and look forward to your feedback and ongoing contributions. To that end, I would like to include a photographic section about the general events happening in the lives of our BCS group members and supporters.  This can be anything: photos of special moments, celebrating milestones in your treatment, photos of your new granddaughter, or winning a special game of bowls, a child's birthday, and in my case, some photos of my 53rd birthday and six years clear!  Always worth celebrating.  Please email them through to support@breastcancersupport.co.nz  with a short description and we'll pop them into our newsletters. 

Would you like to receive our newsletters? Please visit our Support Us page for information about becoming a BCS Member or making a donation. 

Finally I am keen to meet all of the beautiful women attending our support groups, so  over the coming months, I will be joining our local Auckland meetings to introduce myself and get to know our groups.I'll be providing information about our membership drive and future marketing plans very soon so watch this space!

Helen Goudge

Helen Goudge

BCS Coordinators get together for annual conference

The annual Coordinator Meeting is organised by the BCS Committee to gather all support group leaders and Committee members together for a day of informal socializing and business discussions relating to the overall health and operation of Breast Cancer Support. 

This year, the June meeting gave volunteers an opportunity to get to know their new governing Committee and to welcome our two Christchurch group coordinators on their first visit with us in Auckland. 

All support groups are in good health, providing women with much-needed community based peer support and opportunities to share experiences and receive information from others who have 'been there too.'  

As always when BCS volunteers get together, there was a bit of fun at the end and this meeting was no exception. The 'best dressed' award would definitely go to the women of East Auckland who rose to the occasion with their stunning pink finery!       

A new Chair, Committee, and a goal to heal hearts

April 2018

A note from BCS Chair Helen Goudge
Hello everyone - 

I'd like to begin my tenure as Breast Cancer Support Chair by thanking you all for the support you've shown over the last several months. It has been a challenging time for our charity but I am proud to say that we are back on track and forging ahead with strong leadership and a very talented committee!  We have such an enthusiastic and motivated team of women this year. The names of these wonderful ladies are listed below in this newsletter.

 We've had a great start to our funding year with a generous grant from Lottery National and once again, BCS has been chosen by a number of Z petrol stations to receive donations through Z Energy's Good in the Hood programme in May. I'll be back in touch soon with information about those stations, encouraging you to go in, buy petrol and vote for BCS!

For the last six years, I have been a grateful recipient of the support offered by our organisation and now I feel privileged to be leading a charity which has done, and continues to do, such good and necessary work. 

Breast Cancer Support is like no other breast cancer charity.  We offer support and care provided by women who have gone through the same experience,  a unique gift to women diagnosed with breast cancer. The skilled and hard-working men and women of the medical professional are nursing our bodies, and we are  here to heal hearts and let women know they are not alone.

We are the only national charity providing peer support services to women diagnosed with breast cancer. That is our point of difference and it is one that I want to promote this year. I've benefited greatly from the support given by the trained volunteers leading our West Auckland Support Group and can attest to the absolute value of sitting down and sharing experiences with someone who has 'been there too.'   We are bringing back the Newsletters this year so we can keep you informed about BCS news and exciting plans.

And just before I go ... please feel free to contact me, any time, if you have any questions, concerns, ideas, or just want to say hello. I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email or give me a call on 027 806 0314.  


Breast Cancer Support  welcomes new Committee for 2018-19

Breast Cancer Support NZ is pleased to announce the new 2018 Committee, appointed at the charity’s recent Annual General Meeting in March. 

Five new women have joined this year’s committee along with the return of two sitting members, making for an experienced and vibrant new team for the organisation.

The Chair for 2018 is Helen Goudge, a six-year member of the BCS West Auckland Support Group.  Helen is supported by the executive team of Barbara McLean, Treasurer, and Marion Barnett, Secretary.

Helen Goudge has a professional background in marketing and publicity and hopes to utilise these skills to develop the membership base.  Her event management experience will be of value with special fundraising activities.

Breast Cancer Support welcomes the return of Marie Goudge to the committee after a ten-year absence. Her management experience and governance skills will be a valuable asset to the organisation. Marie’s role now includes providing administrative support for daughter Helen.  A difficult task!

The most senior member of the committee is Jennifer Woodroofe.  Not only has she dedicated her time to supporting the women of East Auckland as Group Co-ordinator, she has also taken on numerous committee roles over the years and her presence is greatly valued. Rounding out the team of seven women are “newbies” Jinie Naidoo from West Auckland and Diane Reece from South Auckland.

National Coordinator Jane Bissell  continues to look after the daily business of the charity.   Jane is definitely a ‘multi-tasker’, sourcing funding, handling BCS communications including the national 0800 Help Line and website and social media interactions, training of volunteers, plus publicity activities including the printing and distribution of BCS printed collateral.   Overseeing and supporting all BCS support groups nationwide continues under the skillful hand of Administrator Heather McKay.

BCS will hold its annual National Group Coordinators’ Conference in June with leaders from around NZ convening for a weekend of networking, planning, inspiration and conviviality.  

Mata of Hope doing great things for women of African heritage

Angela Rubaduka,  Agatha Onyeiwu and Ngozi Penson (*pictured L to R ) had a vision - to establish a networking organisation that would improve access to health and social services for families of African heritage living in New Zealand.

With a particular focus on vulnerable children, the three women organised  a special workshop day on 19 April, inviting stakeholders, interested parties, and representatives from other charities and social services to participate, share experiences and knowledge, and to draft a development plan for Mata of Hope. 

BCS' Jane Bissell went along to share ideas, and find out how our organisation could best support African women diagnosed with breast cancer. "Mata of Hope aims to support New Zealand families of African heritage in a culturally sympathetic manner and herein lies the challenge for us," said Jane, "to provide support that is culturally appropriate and will meet the needs of this growing community."   

Ngozi has a vision for Mata of Hope. "We want to build a community where people feel they belong ... a thriving vibrant community people want to be part of."

Please support Mata of Hope by 'friending' their Facebook page and spreading the word! 

* Photo Zizi Sparks/Stuff

BCS Support Groups

All of our support groups are listed on our website with full information about meetings times and locations. See our website calendar and  Services page.  If you, or someone you know, needs support, please call 0800 273 222 or check the website for group meeting times and venues.  A reminder that we also have a one-to-one service where trained volunteers are available to speak to women by phone. Face to face meetings may be possible in some areas. The service is available by calling 0800 273 222.     

Quote of the Day

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality."

- Yoko Ono

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