We are Verity Thom and Nic Beets, Auckland psychologists in private practice, who are specialist relationship and sex therapists. We have nearly 60 years of clinical experience between us.

We work with the wide variety of issues and difficulties that people can face around relationships and sexuality. We think that life's inevitable challenges can be used as opportunities to grow and learn about yourself and each other.

In particular, we believe that it is possible to have a fulfilling intimate life in a long term relationship and on into older age. BUT to do this it is necessary to learn how to have difficult conversations about things like intimacy, affection and sex.

In our experience health challenges that impact our sexuality (e.g. breast, ovarian, testicular or prostate cancers) can have a silver lining in that they force us to have those conversations sooner and more urgently. This may not be fun at the time, but can be very rewarding in the longer term.

Having a good relationship is not just a professional issue for us. We are in our mid fifties with young adult children. Our own relationship of 37+ years accounts for some of our passion for working with couples.

We welcome clients of any sexual orientation, background or ethnicity. We work with the full range of relationship issues that people can be confronted with.

We are both members of the NZ Psychological Society.

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Email us: or
Phone: 021 275 5799

Cancer Society of New Zealand

The society has psychologists working for them who provide free face-to-face counseling for people affected by cancer. Contact your local division by calling 0800CANCER.

Home and Family Counselling

Home and Family Counselling is a community-based service providing professional counselling to individuals, couples and families. Services are affordable and accessible to all. We work with children, teenagers and adults. We are committed to providing the highest level of counselling assistance available so that our clients can lead more fulfilling lives. Visit the website for more information.

Breast Cancer Foundation NZ Free Counselling

If you've ever been diagnosed with breast cancer (recently or a long time ago), or if you're receiving preventative treatment for increased breast cancer risk, free NZBCF funded counselling is available when you need someone to talk to. A referral from your Breast Cancer Specialist, Nurse, or GP is required.
It's free 

• Three sessions of individual counselling (over a 12 month period)
• Either face to face, over the phone or by Skype
• A family member may attend the sessions with you
• Confidentiality guaranteed
For more information, and to download a referral form,
please visit the Breast Cancer Foundation site.


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