Monday 27 July 2020 at 7 p.m. via Zoom

Join us for the BCS AGM - first time online!

The Breast Cancer Support Annual General Meeting will be held via Zoom on Monday 27 July from 7pm.

Conducting the meeting on Zoom has been approved by the Charities Commission as an acceptable format. 

You don't have to be a BCS Member to attend (only Members have voting rights - want to join? It's free, details here) and we invite you to register here to receive the link to the Zoom AGM. After completing the online form a registration confirmation will appear on your screen and a copy will also be sent to your email address. Please be sure to check your SPAM or JUNK MAIL folders as sometimes notifications from Zoom can end up there. You will need the confirmation as it contains the link to join the meeting. 

If you have difficulty completing the Zoom form, please email us: we will register you and provide the Zoom link to the AGM. 

Please register your attendance by 5pm Friday 24 July to assist us with administrative preparation for the meeting. All are welcome to attend the AGM but only current BCS Members can vote on committee election and general business. 

Not sure if you're a current Member? Contact us and we'll let you know. Membership is free.  

If you cannot attend, you can delegate your vote to another BCS Member by completing a proxy form which appears on this page below the Committee Nomination Form at right. 


Nominations for Committee

We are now taking nominations for BCS Committee. These nominations will be held until the AGM when they will be presented and a new Committee will be elected. Nominations will also be taken on the night of the AGM.

If serving on the committee interests you but you need more information about the roles and time commitment, please contact us

You do not need to be a BCS Member to nominate someone or serve on committee, nor does the person you nominate (and you can nominate yourself!). Thank you for your support. 

Committee Nomination Form 

At right you will see a form for the nomination of Committee members. Please complete this form if you would like to nominate someone - or yourself - for a committee position. Please ensure you receive a seconder for your nomination.  Committee members may live anywhere in New Zealand and participate in meetings via the online audio/video platform Zoom (user friendly, easy to use!). Please consider joining the committee and participating in BCS' future as a valued peer support organisation.   

AGM Forms

The following AGM e-forms appear below and can be completed and submitted on this page:

1. Committee Nomination Form

 2. Proxy vote form

If you have difficulty completing the forms, please email us and we will register your nomination and/or proxy.

If you prefer hard copy forms, the following are available for download. If using the Committee Nomination Form and/or the Proxy Form, please return these to BCS by 5pm Friday 24 July at the latest, either by email or post (details on the forms). 

AGM E-Forms

Committee Nomination Form

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Proxy Form

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