BCS Special General Meeting (SGM)

Due to the Covid-19 situation, we are extending the voting in our Special General Meeting. Please complete your online voting forms, or downloadable forms, by 5pm Tuesday 31 March 2020. 
If you have already voted, please do not vote again. Your original vote is still valid and will be counted in this voting round. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please call us on 0800 273 222.

**** Please complete these online forms by 5pm Tuesday 31 March 2020. ****

Dear BCS Member,

Thank you for your support of our organisation. 

As outlined in the email newsletter you received, BCS has decided to extend the SGM voting period due to the impact the Covid-19 situation had on our original voting timetable. Please note that if you have already voted, your vote still counts and you do not need to vote again. 

We ask that you please vote using these online forms for one of the three options described in the newsletter, nominate for positions on the BCS Committee (you can self-nominate too), or complete a proxy form if you prefer not to vote at all. 

For more detailed information about the three choices you will vote on, please view the pdf document by clicking the pink button located above the SGM voting form at right.

The option with the most votes from Members will determine the way forward for BCS. This option will then be voted in at the AGM, as required by the BCS Constitution. The date for the AGM has not been set as yet as we determine whether this meeting can be held online due to restrictions on public gatherings. 

For your convenience, please complete the SGM form opposite. 

Please select just one of the three options listed. If you choose more than one, your vote will be discounted so please choose your preferred one option with care. 

If you have  any questions about either the SGM or AGM, please complete the contact form on this site, or phone 0800 273 222. 

SGM/AGM Proxy Form - please complete by 5pm Tuesday 31 March 2020

If you are unable to vote in the SGM or upcoming AGM, or prefer not to complete these online forms, please complete the proxy form opposite. 

By completing a proxy, you are giving your SGM/AGM vote to the BCS Member you name on the form. 

If you do not know another current BCS Member, you may give your proxy to a current committee member: Barbara McLean, Jennifer Woodroofe, Diane Reece, or Judith Shinegold.  

Committee Nomination Form - please complete by 5pm Tuesday 31 March 2020

To the right you will see a form for the nomination of Committee members. Please complete this form if you would like to nominate someone - or yourself - for a committee position. Please ensure you receive a seconder for your nomination. 

If the popular choice is to close BCS, the current committee will facilitate the close-down. However, if the popular vote is to continue, then BCS will need a new committee of at least five people. Committee members may live anywhere in New Zealand and participate in meetings via the online audio/video platform Zoom (user friendly, easy to use!). Please consider joining the committee and participating in BCS' future as a valued peer support organisation.   

SGM Voting Form

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AGM Proxy Form

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BCS Committee Nomination Form

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