Breast Cancer Support - supporting you

It's something we've been doing since the 1980's when one woman who'd experienced breast cancer herself began visiting others after surgery.

Breast Cancer Support Inc (BCS) has grown to become New Zealand's foremost not for profit specialising in peer support services for women experiencing breast cancer.

Our support is given by trained volunteers who have 'been there too' and can share their experiences from a positive personal perspective.

We offer Support Groups, Individual Visits (on the phone), and a 365-day Help Line. If you have experienced breast cancer, recently or in the past, and need some support, please contact us. We're here, and we can help.

What is 'peer support'?

Being supported by someone who has experienced breast cancer too can be an important and valuable part of your recovery.

Our trained volunteers have had similar journeys and can relate better to what you're going through, offering an authentic empathy and understanding that those who haven't 'been there' can struggle with.

Peer support can also provide tips, tools, information, and strategies from a positive, personal experience, things that your medical professionals may not mention, or even know about. Coming from a non-professional perspective, we can help rebuild a sense of connection, community, and control that can be lost after a diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our team

Breast Cancer Support is an Incorporated Society, and a registered New Zealand Charity, governed by Officers elected annually at an Annual General Meeting.

Our AGM was held on 27 July 2020 and the following people were elected to the BCS Committee (Chair and Secretary positions to be decided).  

Our current Committee is:
Chair Carol Scott-Dye 
Treasurer Barbara McLean
Secretary Debbie Rosenfeldt 
Committee Members Diane Reece, Jane Finlayson and Vanya Gemmell.

BCS contracts one service provider: a National Service Coordinator.
National Coordinator Jane Bissell

We have a team of dedicated volunteers who deliver our support services and assist with fundraising events and activities.

Like to join our team? Find out more.


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